I'm Hannah, but feel free to use any nickname you like! I'm a Boston based part-time photographer and digital designer. I'm inspired by beautiful natural light, strong lines, and capturing genuine in-between moments.

Photo by Jon Mezzadri



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About Me

Thank you so much for visiting my site! While not a classically trained photographer, I earned a BA in Design from Lehigh University where I refined my artistic eye. 

My approach to photography is a stylized version of photojournalism — I want to capture moments the way they really happened, but when needed, with a slight tweak of intention to create more beautiful images. I pay extra attention to details that allows a story to develop through imagery. My images are bright, relaxed and elegant. I know being in front of a camera can be intimidating, so I'm happy to gently guide my clients, without taking them out of the moment, so they feel natural and look their best. 

When I'm not working, you'll find me gushing over interior design catalogs (while simultaneously designing my future dream home), learning copperplate calligraphy, spinning and running, hysterically crying at the latest rom-com and spending time with my main squeeze Jon who's also my lighting assistant when needed. I'm always planning my next vacation and find capturing different cities and cultures to be the most inspiring thing one can do. I'm obsessed with desert, flowers, white linens, straw hats, and the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans.

With love, Hannah

*Photographs may not be reproduced, printed or sold without permission. 



A NOTE ABOUT Engagements + Weddings

I'm beyond excited to start offering engagement and wedding packages this year. It means the world to me to even be considered to be a part of your special day, and it's not something I take lightly.

New to this side of photography, my ideal clients would host an intimate and beautiful event. I'll strive to capture your big day in a natural, elegant and romantic way. My goal is for you to absolutely love your photos 10, 20 + years from now!