2017 recap


Looking back on 2017

This is long overdue but better late than never. 2017 was one of the best years of my life. In a nutshell, Jon and I traveled to 4 new countries and all over the US, which not only kept my travel bug in check, it brought us so much closer as a couple. I also had a wonderful year professionally and I’m so proud of Jon for earning his CPA back in August.  

Photography - I poured my heart into learning photography, and while I know I have a lot to learn, I underestimated how far I’d come. Since picking up a camera (purely as a hobby) exactly 1 year ago, I’ve had 2 camera upgrades, taken thousands of awful pictures, I’ve sucessfully collaborated with handful of clients, I've made life-long friends, and I'm so happy to have a consistent creative outlet I truly enjoy. A few highlights were being featured in Just Us Gals ‘Who’s That Gal’ segment and shooting Maison Vernon for Chevron Partners

Travel - This year was certainly the year for travel. We ventured to Greece (Mykonos, Athens, Santorini, Hydra, Poros and Aegina), London, Barcelona, Canada, Portland Maine, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Big Sur, Buffalo NY, NYC. This probably isn’t a surprise, but Greece was by far my favorite. 

Health and family - I think due to the political and social climate of our country, this year more than past years, I’ve realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing family and friends. I’m guilty of always wanting more and not being satisfied with what I have, but 2017 has made me slow down and realize what’s important. I want to continue to stay up to date with current events in our country and possibly get involved; something I’ve never had an interest in until recently. I also want to do a better job at expressing my love for family and friends.


Looking to 2018 

Photography - Now that I’m comfortable with my Sony ARii, it’s time to expand my camera collection. Jon’s parents found their vintage Canon AE-1 that they bought right after they got married 1981. They’ve so graciously given me the camera so I can bring it back to life. Learning analog photography really intimidates me, but I’m super excited to start playing with it. I’m also stoked to snag the Fujifilm XT2 for Jon (but mostly myself hehe) so he can have a daily camera to travel with. I'm most excited about shooting more interior spaces and my first wedding in June! 

Travel - Looking toward the future, we’ve decided to travel less this year. With a few priority shifts, 5 weddings, and moving, we think its best to limit our traveling to two big trips. The first is a California coast road trip in April and either Hawaii or Tulum in September.  

Piano - I’ve always wanted to learn the piano, so when Santa got me the Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano for Christmas, I no longer had an excuse not to. Unfortunately there’s no space in my tiny Beacon Hill apartment so it’s stored away until we move into a bigger place later this year. I plan to learn via FlowKey

Moving - Speaking of moving to a bigger place, Jon and I are so excited to start making a little home of our own. Interior design has been a passion of mine since I was a kid — remember this Apartment Therapy Before and After article? All my photos can be found here. The idea of starting from scratch again puts the biggest smile on my face (anyone with ADD can relate). We’ve decided to leave Beacon Hill and are heading for the South End this fall, which is really bittersweet but I’m ready for a change. 

Self care - The one area of 2017 that I’m really disappointed in myself is how poorly I took care of my own health. With my injury-prone body (thanks college sports) and constant traveling, I really let my fitness go. I know none of these are good excuses and I’m dedicated to making this year my best fitness year yet. I’d like to run a marathon (and beat my mom’s pace), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, ha. I’ve always thought running the Chicago Marathon would be a good excuse to visit one of my favorite cities.