The Strong Process Forum in Boston, MA


The Strong Process Forum was a one day wellness conference on April 8th, 2018, dedicated to the science behind why we move, eat, and rest. The Forum was designed by Rachele Pojednic to give you access to the facts about wellness.

Moderators: Bojan Mandarin, Julie Starr, Melinda Davala Sarkis

Speakers: Ame Wren, MAMichelle Miller aka "The Farm Babe"Dr TJ HaganBrandon Yates, MS, Tim Griffin, PhDChristine Spadola, PhDRachel Millstein, PhD, MHSJenny Splitter, Hassan Dashti, PhD, RD, Karen Fabian, MS

Sponsors: 88 Acres, Inside Tracker, Fawen Soup, FRE Skincare, Revere, Tru Provisions, Lifewy Kefir, VitalFit Nutrition, Redd Bar, Klean Athlete

Hannah Cochran