Maison Vernon in Boston, MA


Proudly standing at the top of Beacon Hill, in the golden reflection of the State House, with ultra-rare 50-foot-wide, fully south-facing floors, having 24 windows, and ceiling heights up to 13 feet; Maison Vernon defines grandeur in this most elegant of American cities. Heralding from a fervently cherished architectural past, its typical red brick is accented by carved limestone and all of its glorious details have been lovingly restored. By respecting the past, the property has been redefined for the future. Exhibiting art in the form of a custom commissioned wrought iron and glass elevator, with sleek modern finishes that meet period plaster moldings, state-of-the-art appliances that meet hand-carved Italian marble fireplaces, and imported French oak chevron flooring, Maison Vernon brings a fresh elegance into the most storied American neighborhood. Photographs shot for Chevron Partners

interiorHannah Cochran